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AJW Strategic Are Specialists In Local-Area Marketing

We are your local marketing wizards with the spell and potions to plant you as the local authority in your field. On a serious note, we believe in creating stronger communities through our marketing activities. Stronger Communities Make Stronger Businesses! If you are a small to medium enterprise, you should be doing this already! If you don’t have the time and resources, however, that’s what we are here for, so get in touch now!

At AJW Strategic we know from experience that stronger communities mean a stronger business for our clients. Working to form partnerships and creating strong, mutually beneficial joint ventures between local businesses that complement each other is one our main focuses to encourage long-term growth for locally based businesses.

One of the first steps we advise to create your first local footprint is to get involved in local-area cross-promotion. For brick and mortar stores this can be done by building business networks and partnerships; sponsoring local events or organisations and utilising digital display ads promoting your businesses services in partnership with complimentary local businesses.

Participating in your local area as an active and contributing entity will remind the local population (ie. your customers) that you are a part of their community and give you a chance to showcase what you have to offer. People are busy, so the more times and places you get in front of them, the better! Using your own store to promote your products and services with digital signage is a great way to drive more revenue from your existing customer base and local foot traffic and it’s often overlooked.

We actively work to seek-out and create strategic business partnerships within your community and we have several solutions to for visual display advertising with very low overheads!

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We do the thinking and the execution that will put your business in front. We drill down into the meaning behind your business and show that identity to the widest reachable audience in your target market.

Growth Hackers

We stray from the conventional in our approach to get your business noticed. At AJW Strategic we are strategists first and marketers second. We like to think of ourselves as small-business growth-hackers.

Boost Your Brand

We boost your online presence and make your business larger-than-life while building networks of followers in your local area. We will position your brand as the dominant force in your industry using our secret formula of web marketing and leveraging real-world success stories.

Let us make your job easy! Why wait to take your business to the next level? Join our other satisfied customers and commit to real business growth now!

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